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How to Block Pop-Up Ads While Watching Movies Online for Free

Jennie Peterson 0

Most of the people, who are constantly online, have surely experienced a bunch of windows popping up while they’re browsing through a certain site. This is due to the fact that the website has given space to advertisers to promote their products or services to the visitors. And these ads can frequently be annoying and disturbing, especially in terms of harming the device you’re on and filling it with viruses.

The annoying ads are more common on movie websites than the rest. This is because a lot of users tend to spend a great deal of their time watching movies online. If you’re one of them and you have trouble with these pop-up ads, then here we’ll take a closer look at the ways to get rid of them.

Visit Safe Websites

The easiest way is to go to websites that are safe and legal. They offer movies and TV shows that are lawful and doesn’t contain any dangerous content, leaving you with the option to watch without interruptions.

You can recognize them by observing what happens while you’re on them. If windows pop up all the time while you’re searching for movies, then you’ll know to stay away from them.

Also, to be completely sure, check their privacy policy and terms and conditions. They should mention how they’re dealing with advertisements. For instance, Ovoo TV, one of the legal movie sites, openly informs the users that there aren’t any annoying ads. One ad may occasionally appear when you press the ‘play’ button, but it isn’t damaging at all.


Add an Extension to Your Browser

In case you really want to watch movies online for free on a site that has pop-ups, consider getting an extension. Almost all browsers support extensions, so you can find the one that suits your preferences and add it to Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or Safari.

For example, all you need to do to add a blocking extension to Chrome is:

  • Click on the menu at the top right corner
  • Go to ‘Tools’
  • Then click on ‘Extensions’
  • Get more extensions

This way you’ll be able to search for extensions and decide which one to install by yourself. Afterward, you can adjust its settings the way you like.

Actually, there are more of them you can try installing. Coming both in free and paid versions you should explore their features and see which pop-up ads they’re able to block before making your final call.

Final Words

To have a complete and worriless watching experience online you should find a way to block the annoying pop-up ads that keep turning up on movie sites. To achieve this you can try going to a legal site that has no dangerous ads on it. It should clearly state that in the policy and prove its lawful and safe status. The other way is to find and install an extension to your browser. No matter which one you’re using you can always find a blocker to suit your needs.

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